Flatbed Towing Mechanicsburg – Qualified Tow Truck Operators

Flatbed towing is one of the most secure ways transport a vehicle. Leahys Towing is equipped with modern tow trucks rigged to transport your car or truck. We have flatbed tow trucks available for 24 hour towing. We can help transport your automobile a few miles across town or a few hundred miles long distance.

If you are in the Mechanicsburg PA area and need a towing service to transport your car, truck or motorcycle give us a call today 717-546-8332. 

A flatbed tow truck has the advantage of towing your vehicle without it ever making contact with the road. using a flatbed truck is a great choice when towing luxury vehicles as well.

We can provide towing for light and medium duty cars, truck as well as motorcycles and event exotic cars.

If you have a vehicle that is disabled or along side the road we can help you out.  Our tow truck operators will arrive on site, get in position and safely winch your vehicle onto the flatbed.  If you care to learn more about flatbed tow trucks you can learn more here

Flatbed Towing 5 Star Towing Service